Check Services:


We specialize in offering traditional check processing and guarantee services. We learn what your needs are and recommend the best solution. With our full Life-cycle processing solution, we take the burden off our partners, by removing the painful touch points of payment processing. With our solution the cost associated with managing payments, is reduced. By removing the daily distractions, our clients can focus on their core business.  Partnering with Envision gives our clients the ease of mind for their payment processing needs.
Payment Guarantee – Our guarantee is ideal for businesses that prefer to deposit checks the traditional way with additional protection. It ensures full payment of the face value of the e-check or check protecting your Organization from the risk of check acceptance.

Verification –Check Verification helps reduce the risk of accepting bad checks. The check writer and the checking account are instantly screened through multiple databases and fraud detection systems. Verification gives you the opportunity to ask for a more secure form of payment.